Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everybody Else

If anyone else is checking for pictures... I will post asap! Everybody's great! (Except I can't say that for certain about Auggie-Boo, who is off partying and won't come home to me! Little rascal!)

Toys and Hairbands and Cuddles and Food and Auntie Mel's Flip Flops! Woooo-Hooooo!

Spike should share his secret with Nadia! Food apparently tastes better with a soaking wet hairband in the bowl!

I think Shayna wants me to stay! Perhaps I should bring an extra flip flop for her to keep. Heeeee.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Solidarity In Stalking A Squirrel

So Many Toys, So Little Time! (Especially After Making Time For Looking Pretty!)

"We Looooove Hello Kitty! Especially When She's Carrying Catnip!"

Eve, Finally!

I completely forgot to take pictures of Eve until today! I think I got a little thrown off of my usual routine by having doggie delivered to me at the door! I'm glad I remembered, though, because, wow, what a beauty!

"I'm thinking about smiling for your picture." "Here's my answer: pppptttttthhhhhhh."

"Oh! Well if you're going to offer me a treat, then I'll do whatever you ask! How big should I smile?"