Thursday, December 31, 2009

Everything's a Toy! (Including Auntie Mel's Pants, Hat and Flashlight! Oh, and the Christmas Tree Skirt, Too!)

Little Thieves!

I was mindlessly cleaning the potties when I heard a crackling noise and thought I should check out what was happening. The dudes had found a bag of treats in my backpack, pulled it out, ripped a huge hole in the center of it and were feasting like crazy!! I love how Little Bit tried to skitter away quickly like he hadn't been a part of it. He was. I saw him. I had to wrestle the bag away from Ciao Bello, though! (My husband and I thought he should be called "Chow Bello" in this post, but really, he could be called that all the time. The dude can eat!!)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beautiful Bella

This video is not the most exciting footage of a kitty ever, but she does make a few adorable little squeaks, and you can see how she's "letting" me pet her - she sort of slinks out from under it and moves away! I wasn't able to get her to play in the video, but the pictures below show what ultimately got her - it's been a different toy each visit!