Friday, November 27, 2009

Shots In The Dark

It was dark in the house this night (no clue why I didn't just turn the lights on - I guess it felt like time to settle in for the night!), so I was just snapping in the dark, without a clue as to whether anyone would be in the frame or in focus!

Ooh, there's that fascinating bag again!

Silly Boys

Little Bit refused my offer to brush him and instead demanded that he could do it himself, thank you very much. I tried to explain that he was using the wrong end, but he wouldn't hear it.

Everybody has to check out the yummy-smelling bag that everyone else has checked out!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just A Few More Things To Be Thankful For!

Cute kitty faces. Funny kitty faces. All white kitties. Kitties with cute little scabby noses.

Auntie Mel's fascinating bag!! Sitting pretty. Having a favorite spot (and sitting close to it for comfort - in Molly's case, it's the bathroom through that door behind her!)

Pretty poses. Being silly.

Showing off. Adorable faces.

Giving and receiving love rubs. Yawning.

Diamond and Molly!

Even More Things To Be Thankful For!

Fat kitties. Kitty kisses. Kitty paw pads!

Sweet, sweet kitties that look very, very serious. Toys, treats, catnip, scratching boards and lounging in the den!



Fluffiness! Cozy little hideaways.

Kitties showing off in their cozy little hideaways.

Colors! Doing tricks!

Fluffy, pretty kitties. Lovey eyes.

Being in the catbird seat.

SayMore, Beatrice and Stella!