Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three Grey Cats (Sung to Three Blind Mice!)

Little Man, holding on tight while he naps.

Sweet little Lolo (okay, so she's not so little, but she'll always be little to me!!)

Napping with the Stink. She's had a good few days (knock on wood!) and it has been wonderful to cuddle with her!!

Sleepy Kitties and Silly Doggies

Rocky Raccoon in his rocking chair. This is where I tend to find him napping when I arrive for Bingley's walk!

Sweet little Dusty was checking out my bag that day. Unfortunately for all the people who loooooooove to smell and dig in my bag, I've upgraded to a backpack that is not falling apart (and not wide open for inspection)! It was time to move on.

"Hey, Auntie Mel, look how I can make a really mean face if I want to! Just kidding! You just snapped a photo when I was moving my lips around!"

Silly, happy puppy!! His tongue is really long because we just got back from a vigorous walk/jog! He's so much more cuddly once I've tired him out a little bit!

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than this face?!?!?

Dusty always gets in my lap when I sit down to write my visit notes. And I love it! She apparently likes to share a chair with Malley, too.

Meet Griffin and Casey's Mess!

This is how the den looked when I arrived for one of my visits.

These were the responses I got when I asked each of them if they had done it:

I still think they're perfect little angels, though! (Of course, it wasn't my pillow that was destroyed....)

Meet Griffin and Casey!

Perfect little angels, right?! Heh. (See next post....)

My Green-Eyed Boys (And One Fiery-Eyed Gal)

They're not really MY boys, but every time I visited them, I admired Seamus and Baxter's beautiful green eyes and sang to them to the tune of Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. (I can't find the recorded version online for free, so I can't link to it! Doh!) Unfortunately, the pictures just don't do their beautiful eyes justice!

Heeeee. Seamus was hiding.

No, he's not pushing me away. That's how he hugs back. Heh.

Sweet little Phantom, who sadly never warmed up to me. In this first picture, she looks like she's talking to me, but she's not! She's hissing! And she looks mad in the second picture! The ears pointing down said pretty clearly to me: "Don't make me bite you again! Get out from behind my curtain!" If only she understood what I was saying as well as I understood what she was saying! Well, maybe she did understand, but she just didn't believe me when I said I just wanted to give her some loving (and a pill)!

Call Me LazyBones...

I've been very lazy with the camera and the posting lately! The next few posts are some pics from last week. I'll get back on the ball with taking pictures tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take THAT, you BUN! (Pics of My Sweet Girls)

Check out the Stink, feeling good, despite her astronomically high BUN (some number relating to kidney function) the other day! (The first picture here is from when she was still recovering, but the next few are from just a little while ago - she appears to be feeling a lot better!) We are cautiously hopeful about her condition and are planning to see a homeopathic veterinarian tomorrow. Since traditional medicine (fluids) can't be used in her case (because she already has excess fluid on her lungs), we thought we'd see if alternative therapies might be available. I'll keep you posted!

Here are a few of Muffy and Lily, too! None of Little Man this time, but I've shown him on here a lot, so I think it's still fair. :)