Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fat Little Rascal

Guess who was first to find the birdseed I put out yesterday?

Murphy Jordan

Check out how this dude can jump! The one near the beginning where I gasp is the best. Watch the end of the video, too, where I pick him up and he hangs there all stretched out (he's huge!) with a grouchy expression on his face. Heeeeeeee.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Heeeee - listen to the funny noise Lucy makes in this video! (Warning: motion sickness risk.) Her voice is so deep for such a sweet little girl!!

Here's a video of her begging for and catching a few treats. This one is not quite as bad with the shaking, but she doesn't make that funny noise I like. :)

Lucy ran around so much on Friday that she was laying down in her crate looking sleepy-eyed before I could even get out the door!

Cat! I'm a Kitty Cat!

Usually when I arrived for visits, the upstairs kitties were each on a t-shirt in the corner of a couch! So cute. The kitties said "Thanks for the sleeping t-shirts, mom and dad and sis! We thoroughly enjoyed them!"

Spike with his favorite toy, the hair band. Buddy never did get really comfortable with me this time. He mostly just stared at me. (Except when I was preparing wet food for him! Then he was rubbing up against my legs and purring!!!)

Spike was hilarious with that hair band. He mostly just stared at it! Hah! Every time I tried to get a picture of Shayna, she charged towards me, wanting attention! So they're all very close up!

How cute is Nadia in this box!?!?!

This was just after Spike had a little treat one afternoon. Sooooo sleeeeeeepy. And the sunshine feels soooooo goooooood.

Buddy was getting sleepy, too, but perked up when I started snapping shots of him!

At my last visit, Nadia showed off for the camera! Hah! She looks like that cat from the Kitty Cat Dance video (the chorus part where the kitty is shown laying in about 10 different poses)! (Click on the link and watch it if you haven't seen it. It's my favorite!!!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fetch/Tug With Taz!

Make Way For Nadi-a!

Shayna immediately charged towards me. And guess who else decided to be my new friend today? Nadia!

Spike and Buddy are still not sure, though....

Buddy and Shayna were sitting on opposite ends of the couch when I arrived tonight. So cute! Buddy and Spike enjoyed their wet food again this evening.

Nadia even helped me make a video of her eating!

I finally got Buddy and Spike to play with a Cat Dancer I had in my bin of kitty toys! (I made sure to put it away before I left, though, because of Spike's track record of getting in trouble with things!)