Monday, August 31, 2009

Failure To Post Regularly = Cute Overload

I've been a little delinquent in posting lately, so I've been to visit with Cappy, Georgia and Indiana a few times already without posting. What this means is that I now have a gazillion adorable photos and I can't narrow them down. So I will just post a ton of them at once. :)

Sweet little Georgia playing with a string; Indiana playing with the cat dancer

Cappy takes a bath; a ball of cats

More sibling playtime; Indiana enjoys the newly rotated toy from the closet

Pretty, big eyes; Cappy making a statement: "I will sit next to this silly toy, but I will not play with it."

Cappy looking as regal and elegant as ever; Indiana looking as though he's about to pounce - look out Georgia!

Georgia playing with my pants!; Georgia making a statement: "I know there are more toys behind this door and I will be here the moment it opens."

Cappy trying to take a nap; Indiana looking up at me

Georgia looking up at me; Indiana enjoying the bag that just got rotated back out again

BEST. TOY. EVER. Even Cappy couldn't resist checking it out.

"Oh, I'm being photographed? Wait, let me stop and look adorable for a moment!"


Stinky's been sick again lately and hiding out in her little bin inside the tiny hall closet. I decided yesterday that if she's not going to be around much longer, then darn it, I want her next to me! So I picked her up out of her bin (at first, she did NOT like that because that usually means medicine) and carried her up to the bed with me to take a nap (I felt her body relax as soon as she saw where we were heading)! And she stayed and slept next to me the whole time! A midday nap with my Stink curled up against me. Heavenly.

(By the way, I am clearly not one of those people who looks angelic and beautiful when they are sleeping. Please focus on Stinky, who is one of those people. Thanks again to Jon for the picture. Notice a theme? He loooooooves to take pictures of me sleeping.)

The Wasps That Are Supposed To Be Controlling The Spider Populations...

...are apparently not doing their job.

I quit knocking down their dirt tunnels because Jon read online that these wasps rarely sting and are actually welcomed by some people because they control spider populations. (This is kind of gross/cool. They apparently kill the spiders and stuff them up in the tunnel with their eggs before sealing it closed. Then, when the eggs hatch, the little wasplings feed on the spiders inside the tunnel.) Anyway, it appears to me that the spiders have multiplied dramatically since I left the wasps alone! I count 5 in this picture right next to the tunnels without even looking closely!!

Putting on a Show (It's Called Sisterly Love)

Whenever I get down in the floor with Penny and Staunton, they get so excited and fired up that they start play-fighting with each other and showing off. If you look closely, in some of these pictures, one actually has the other's head or throat in her mouth!!! Heeee.

Danger: Posting While Sleeping

If I do anything REALLY stupid on here (not just mildly stupid/trying to be silly), this is why. (Thank you, Jon, for capturing the beautiful moment. You just wait....)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Auntie Mel, You're So Silly!

This morning, I was singing and dancing to Penny and Staunton and they just watched me like I was craaaaaaaazzzyyyy ( and silly and funny, too).

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Should've Asked Weeks Ago!!!

Since the little rascal, Auggie-Boo, has a tendency to go outside and disappear for days without checking in with me, I finally asked his mommy if I could just keep him inside while his family vacations. She said yes and, hoo boy, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. I didn't realize how anxious I was about him going outside! He must've sensed my relaxation, too, because he was much more lovey dovey and playful with me than he's ever been!

Auggie-Boo got in some yoga while he was out of his house. (Auggie stays in a very spacious crate/cage when he's indoors because he developed the very rude habit of marking the house with his urine when he was allowed to roam free!) I let him out for supervised play and stretching in his room, though, when I'm there.

I think Evie got worried when I shut us all in Auggie's room and hid under the bed! I think she was afraid that I might put her in Auggie's house!

I distracted Lewis with treats long enough to brush the burrs out of his hair and now he's silky smooth. He acts like he doesn't like it, growling and batting at me, but then he's allllll over me for loving a second later.

Georgia and Evie were back to their fun, silly selves after I put Auggie back in his house and opened up the bedroom door.

And Daisy was a riot with her lettuce moustache!