Monday, April 20, 2009

Testimonials (References Available Upon Request)

References and their contact information are available upon request.

1. Mary Beth, owner of 4 cats

“You are an angel sent from above and my pets [love] you! Leaving them in your care is the only thing I’ll ever do. Your services are outstanding!”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “You loved on my sick cat while I was away!”

2. Dea, owner of 5 cats (3 of which are formerly feral)

“As former feral kittens, my cats are very shy with other people. Thank you for spending so much time making them feel comfortable! I arrived home to find them completely relaxed and happy. My two older cats were happy too! They look awesome!”

3. Kerri, owner of 2 dogs

“Thank you so much! They loved you!”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “The blog and seeing how happy they were! The notes on return were great too!”

4. Dana, owner of 2 cats

“Phenomenal service! Best sitter we have ever had!”

5. Lauren, owner of 1 dog

“Thanks for the detailed notes from each of your visits”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Length of time spent with pet and care updates via text and pictures”

6. Martha, owner of 3 cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “your creativity; your love of pets; problem-solving abilities”

7. Margaret, owner of 2 dogs

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of my girls. They are always happy and relaxed when I get home from my trips.”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “I love the visit log notes and the updates on your blog.”

8. Michele and Andrew, owners of 2 (formerly 3 :()cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “blog pictures and e-mail updates”

9. Kurt, owner of 2 cats

“Thanks so much. It was so nice to be on vacation and see pictures of our happy pets on your web site.”

10. Kelly and Christian, owners of 2 cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “The notes left after each visit, blog”

11. Jill and Carol, owner of a dog, a cat, a dove and guinea fowl

“We felt so at ease on vacation knowing that Melissa was in charge of our beloved pets!!”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Professionalism and genuine interest in pets”

12. Pat, owner of 6 cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Your dedication”

13. Heather, owner of 2 cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Your rapport with my kitties”

14. Laura and Rusty, owners of 2 cats

"Your service gave us one less thing to worry about when traveling (and we have a lot to worry about with 3 young kids!) This was by far the most comfortable I have been leaving pets (and our house too!) and that includes when my brother was our petsitter before moving to Cville. Thank you so much! And [the cats] were happy too!"

In response to “What did you like best?”: “amount of time spent on visits, blog, visit notes were so thorough”

15. Katie, owner of 1 cat

“I was so overwhelmingly happy with your service! From the constant email updates to the pics and stories online, it really put my mind at ease to know [my kitty] was well-loved! [My kitty] seemed well-loved when I got home, and not starved for attention at all! Your daily reports on her got her personality down perfectly – seems like she was her usual crazy self! Thank you again for taking such good care of her – I was really able to relax knowing she was in good hands. Thanks also for keeping the bathroom where her litter and food are so tidy! So nice to come home to a clean room. J”

16. Deane, owner of 5 cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “ability to socialize with pets and photos on blog”

17. Brian, owner of 1 dog and 2 cats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “You cared for the happiness of our pet, not just basic needs”

18. Gail and Tim, owner of 1 dog

“[Our dog] never had it so good! House looked great – many thanks!”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Everything – very professional – spelled out exactly what you would do.”

19. Cathy, owner of 3 dogs and 1 cat

“I really appreciate the time you spend with my pets whether it's walking or cuddling. I feel comfortable that they are getting quality care. I appreciate you following through with the "extras" (e.g. [helping to unclog sink, per directions] … and plant watering) and any special written instructions so diligently. I'm absolutely confident that my pets are receiving their medications properly which is important since they are all seniors with medical problems. I enjoy seeing them online while I'm away and appreciate the detailed notes when I get home. … I admire your commitment to learning to provide even better care.”

20. Patty and Mark Henderson, owners of 3 dogs

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Your notes – care for our dogs – kisses! picky”

21. Melissa, owner of 2 dogs and 3 cats

“It was clear from the pictures that our dogs and cats had a blast with you! We know they were well cared-for and in capable hands. Thanks for giving our animals a vacation too!”

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Personal attention to animals … more than just feeding/watering”

22. Melissa, owner of 4 cats and a guinea pig

In response to “What did you like best?”: “animals love you, excellent communication, very dependable… We love reading the blog and laughing at pictures!”

23. Suzanne, owner of 2 dogs and 4 fancy rats

In response to “What did you like best?”: “Notes about animals; texts; willingness to also bring in mail, water plants”

24. Nessa, former :( owner of cockatiel

“Melissa was my roommate in law school for 2 years and I've known her for about 9 years now. She used to take care of my bird when I went out of town (she was a very tame, and often sick, bird that required a lot of attention and was like my child). I've also seen Melissa care for her own cats and her sister's dog. Her own cats have had health issues, so I know she is very familiar with giving cats medication. She is someone I trust 100% with any animal and I recommend her to you without hesitation. You absolutely will not find someone other than you who will care for your cats with more affection and attention. She is an animal lover to her core and I know she will take great care of your cats. Having lived with her, I also know her to be very trustworthy and I have no doubt that when you return your home will be exactly as you left it.”

I hope you will give me the opportunity to care for your pets and see for yourself how dedicated I am to their happiness! If I can answer any questions or if you would like additional information, please contact me!

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