Friday, July 31, 2009

She's Still Stinky's Baby, Too

Because we've had Lily since she was a little bitty palm-sized fuzzball, she makes me understand how parents can say that they still think of their grown children as their babies. Even though Lily is the biggest of the kitties now, I still think of her as my little baby. Apparently Stinky does, too. I caught them snuggling on the porch the other day and Stinky was giving Lily a bath. So sweet!

Well, Hello There

I've been working so late this week that no one has been awake to greet me when I get home. Except this guy.

Sweet Evie-Levie and Georgia P.

Kittens Will Be Kittens

Whichever kitten this is (I STILL can't tell them apart without seeing the color of the collar!) is carrying around a twistie like his prey! Ha! (I took it away from him immediately after snapping this picture....)

My healthy dinner with the boys.

Apparently, catnip makes the kittens aggressive....

This morning, we washed one of the potties and sang "Rock Your Body," but instead sang "Wash The Potty." Heeeeeee. (And I say "we" because everything I do there is a group activity. Kittens are so easy to entertain!!!)

Why Can't We Be Friends?

This is what I always sing to my shy clients, like Pop. Hee.

Rock With You

This is what I sang to Skip & Broc as I rocked with them in the rocking chair last night.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Overwhelmed By Cuteness

Jon (my hubby) suggested to me that perhaps I should just take fewer pictures and post 1 or 2 pictures of everybody and then it wouldn't take so long to do the posting. But who can choose just a few among all of this cuteness? And who could resist snapping pics when all these people just keep looking cute??? I'm also just so tickled at how shy Pop is slowly allowing me to become his friend that I can't help but take pics when he lets me near him (even if it's just a boring picture of him eating! I'm close to him!!!!! Hooray!!!!) or plays with me! I'd rather incur the brain damage of posting thousands of pictures than have to resist taking the pics and/or choose only a few. Hope you guys don't mind.... :)

And now I'm off for another pet-loving marathon.