Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Who's Shaggy Again! (Bings!) And Look Who's Still Wonderful! (Bings and Everybody Else!)

Bings got shaggy again during our few weeks off! (Check out those dirty feet, too!) Thomper shows off his still gorgeous face. So sweet and angelic!

Malley checks out the camera! Dusty shows off her still gorgeous face!

Shaggy butt! Shaggy face and ears!

Rocky sitting pretty on top of my notes! Malley gets a kiss on the forehead.

Thomper ran around a little too much for such an old man! Rocky in the cat-bird seat!

Bings would like to remind everyone to stop and smell the flowers. (Even the fake ones!!!) The sweet little princess would just like to remind everyone that this arm of the armchair is hers.

What a Big, Cuddly Teddy Bear!

Ha! Lazy Nellie was fast asleep in mommy's bed when I arrived yesterday and didn't even get up to greet me until I went and messed with her! Heeeeee.

Once she finally woke up, we went for our stroll! Then she showed off (and fell asleep on!) her lamb blanket!

The Better to See You With, My Dear!

It looks like Lucy got some hair cut around her face at some point during our few weeks off. Now we can see those beautiful eyes better! Of course she's as sweet as ever!!

Tucker Showed Off Multiple Personalities; Mel Just Showed One - Shy and So Sweet!

Tucker showed me how he can be gorgeous and pensive - or silly and playful!

Oooh, new scratching post! (Actually, I just turned it over - and added a little nip!)

Check out the claws on his back foot! Ha! Then he flipped around the other direction!

Look, Auntie Mel, I can be gorgeous over here, too. And over here!

So sweet!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nellie, the Newfoundland, After Our Rainy Walk!

Tucker + Catnip = One Silly Guy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010