Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please Pardon Our Dust

I was going to title this post "Where the Heck Have You Been???", but then I saw a sign at Barracks Road today that said "Please Pardon Our Dust" and I thought it fitting for what Buggledoo is going through as well.

Buggledoo has been blessed with so much business lately that it is having some growing pains. I've been so busy taking care of pets that I have barely had time for my own kitties, myself, my husband, sleep, friends, family, paperwork, accounting, hobbies (reading, writing, making jewelry, working on jigsaw puzzles, learning to sew, you get the idea) - and sadly no time for posting pictures. I have been busy sending pictures of pets from my camera phone, but the quality of those photos is not as good as the quality of photos from my camera (though I recognize that my point-and-click camera creates photos of a pretty pitiful quality if compared to "real" photography!) I have met and cared for so many doggies and kitties that I want to show off on here (Penny and Dexter come to mind immediately!), but have not been able to yet. It appears that I have gotten too busy with actual visits to sit at a computer and upload photos, which is probably why more pet sitters have not pursued this brilliant idea! :)

Thus, the company is making some changes (some temporary and some permanent) and has a bit of resulting "dust" that may, unfortunately, make things inconvenient for its wonderful clients for a little while. Here are some of those changes (the ones I can think of at the moment!):
1 - Some of my rates will be increasing as of July 15th (but not the rate for overnight visits, which was increased earlier in the year). More information on this to follow.

2 - I am looking for one or more employees to help me. If you are interested in becoming an employee of Buggledoo Pet Sitting or know anyone that might be, please e-mail me (the sooner the better!!) The only requirement for any such employee(s) is that he or she absolutely, whole-heartedly, unquestionably adore, love, worship and practically live for animals. Oh, and they also need their own car.

3 - I am taking a break from all midday dog walks (except those that are part of a series of vacation visits) until I have an employee (or at least until I catch up on all of those things that I mentioned I haven't had time for recently!)

4 - I am already booked for overnight visits for the next few months and therefore cannot take any overnight clients or reservations and also have limited availability for vacation dog visits (due to the usual need for early morning and late night visits) during this time. Since cat visits tend to be a little more flexible, I am still taking new kitty clients and reservations for kitty visits during this time.

5 - I probably will not be posting photos to the blog for a little while. I may, on occasion, find some time and energy to add some photos, but, for now, I will probably only be able to send you photos from my phone to your phone or e-mail account.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes any of my current or future clients and, if I am not able to help you at this time, I hope that you will check back with me at a later time after I have found some wonderful people to join the company and help with pet visits. Thank you all so much for your business and especially for your patience as the company changes and grows. The company is working diligently to remove the "dust" as soon as possible so that it can again fulfill all of your requests.

If it is not clear from the foregoing whether I will be able to fulfill your request, please contact me! (E-mail is easiest for me!)


  1. An employee! Good for you! PS - we will be in your neighborhood for the 4th of July - any chance you guys are around? xoxo